Beverage switch-box

I decide to built a Beverage system for portable use. The designe goal was to switch between 4 single Beverage antennas without interfering on the other receiving stations. The system should be for SO2R, M/S and M/2 operation. Each operator schould be possible to swich independent between the 4 Beverages.

enclosed find a description and some pictures about the progess!

The Beverage 9:1 transmission-line transformers build on FT114-43 Core

The tansformers buil in a aluminium box

input section (power splitter) of the Beverage switch box

switchbox with powersplitter and switching section on top

final switchbox with the two remote switches and the standard computer cables

The transformer is made on a FT114-43 core with 8 turns of trifilar copper isolated wire 0.4mm in diameter. First one is A-B, second one C-D and last one E-F.

The balun is mounted in a waterproof metal box with a RF connector (75 Ohm F-Conector) and 2 outputs made of a 4mm screw with wing-nut for ground and a isolated power outled for the wire (450 Ohm).

The Input section of the Beverage switch box consists of four 3dB splitter, one for each antenna input.
The splitter is build with two FT50-43 ferrite torroid each. T1 with 10 total turns and a tap at 7 turns from the grounded end and T2 with just 10 bifilar windings.


first installation during the CQ WW SSB 2008 (feedpoint with 9:1 Balun)

termination with 470 Ohm resistor

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